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Organizational Theories Essay

The innovation and post innovation points of view are valuable in the fruitful activity of Wal-Mart stores. Wal-Mart is one of the best associations with stores outside and household making noteworthy benefits. Further, Wal-Mart applies both of the authoritative points of view for their focal points in zones, for example, force, structure, and innovation. What's more, Wal-Mart uses innovation in the organizations culture, jobs, objectives, capacity to change, and peace promotion. The two points of view can are vital for an organization to get serious in the retail advertises. Along these lines, the proof presumes that the postmodernism is increasingly successful for authoritative improvement of the two, for different sorts of business advancements. At last, Wal-Mart rehearses the innovation and post innovation point of view to have an upper hand. Authoritative Perspectives The innovation and post innovation points of view are advantageous in the fruitful activity of Wal-Mart retail locations. Wal-Mart is one of the best organizations with stores found both remote and residential gathering critical benefits. Moreover, Wal-Mart uses both of the authoritative points of view for their favorable circumstances in territories, for example, force, structure, and innovation. Moreover, Wal-Mart rehearses innovation and postmodernism in the organizations culture, jobs, objectives, capacity to change, and refereeing. The two hierarchical methodologies are vital for an organization to get serious in the retail advertises. Along these lines, the proof propose that the postmodernism is progressively successful for authoritative improvement of the two, for different sorts of business structures. At long last, Wal-Mart rehearses the innovation and post innovation point of view for an upper hand. Moreover, the act of fruitful innovation and postmodernism viewpoints has caused Wal-Mart to turn into a retail head. The innovation and post innovation applies methodologies that has permitted the organization to outperform their opposition. Wal-Mart includes increased generous income inside the downturn to remunerate their laborers. Regarding Bruitt (2009) â€Å"Wal-Mart had record deals in the final quarter, boosting income in the year through January by 7.2 percent to $401.2 billion. Wal-Mart reported the assets after its work rehearses have gone under investigation in late years†(p.14). Sadly, when most organizations have an absence of porfits during the downturn Wal-Mart keeps on expanding financialy. The techniques that are executed in Wal-Marts achievement are helpful for most retail activities to pick up benefits. As per Bahndari (2010) â€Å"Wal-Mart followed two significant rules, among others, while going worldwide. Initially, that the remote nation where it might want to build up its stores-ought to be nearer to the U.S. Besides, this province ought to have a bigger shopper base. â€Å"With those vital guidelines† (p.79). Therefore,organizations should be serious to contend in a similar market. The relationship to Walt-Marts achievement is affected through there capacity to prevailing in various urban communities in huge and little markets. Practically all of Walt-Mart stores in the U.S. are made indistinguishable. Concerning Hatch and Cunliffe (2006) â€Å"Modernist guarantee that â€Å"I saw( heard, smelled, tasted, or contacted) my information, and you can affirm them for yourself by repeating my procedures† (p.15). In this manner, the reproducing procedure has caused Wal-Mart to create stores comparable prompting similar outcomes. Also, the connection to the Postmodernism and Wal-Marts authoritative hypothetical ideas are among power. The creators Hatch and Cunliffe (2006) â€Å"Many Postmodernist ideas concede to revealing and testing all structures power (counting information) so as to uncover the wellsprings of control that are so effectively taken for granted† p.16). The advancement of information can be useful in permitting organizations to turn out to be all the more remarkable. The creators Geisner, Riddleberg, Chistener and Bell (2010) â€Å"Business model development can give critical open doors both during times of quick monetary development and now and again of unrest. What is basic is to choose the correct kind of plan of action given the monetary condition and developing business sector openings, and to address the inner components that impact the organization’s capacity to seek after required change† (p.17). All together for a business to become serious it needs to build up a system that can contend in different markets. Also,the post pioneer point of view mulls over that an association puts together its self with respect to control. An organization that centers around power through there authoritative culture. As per Hatch and Cunliffe (2006) â€Å"Many present pioneer submit themselves on revealing and testing all types of intensity (counting information ) so as to uncover the sources that are so effortlessly underestimated. They do as such by criticizing the favored and bringing those individuals and thoughts consigned to the margins† (p.16). In this manner, and association that highly esteems power manufactures a serious association. Most monopolistic business use capacity to work their organization have huge partnerships, for example, Wal-shop, and Microsoft. A business that applies power regularly will have noteworthy control of the their market. What's more, the pioneer point of view mulls over that they will likely build profitability. The use of an innovator point of view will depend for the most part on applications mechanical progressions. Regarding the creator Hacth and Cunliffe (2006) â€Å"The pioneer point of view centers around the association as a reliant target element and adopts a positive strategy to producing information. Innovator associations center around how to expand proficiency, adequacy and other target markers of use of hypotheses identified with structure and control† (p.20). The utilization of information is helpful in the manner an association can build benefits in an a business. Similarly significant, the utilization of an appropriate administration practices can make an association arrive at their benefit objectives. The utilization of a postmodern methodology inside an organization utilizes a few techniques that can be applied, for example, social, social and innovative. A business should comprehend the practices of their representatives and how to expand their spirit. Representatives who work inside an organization and have an absence of inspiration don't work at their true abilities. As indicated by Adelson and Soloway (1985) â€Å" singular conduct, group conduct and hierarchical conduct. Examination of studies on individual and group conduct in programming advancement situations uncovers the disappointment of existing apparatuses in supporting group based programming development† (p.1351). The proof inside the investigation found that conduct strategies can help increment item improvement. Business that worked with an absence of legitimate group cohesiveness had issues with compelling programming improvement. As indicated by Dawson (2006) â€Å"organization perceives that it must permit the inspectors, outsourcers and business implementers the adaptability to utilize imaginative, smoothed out accepted procedures when material through groundwork for the Sarbenses-Oxdey assessment† (p.157). Inside a postmodern methodology presents circumstance is assessed to decide a technique that help later on for hierarchical turn of events. Force Structure and Technology

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The Development of GAAP in the United States Free Essays

Setting GAAP These associations impact the improvement of GAAP in the United States. US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) The SEC was made because of the Great Depression. Around then there was no structure setting bookkeeping guidelines. We will compose a custom exposition test on The Development of GAAP in the United States or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now The SEC energized the foundation of private standard-setting bodies through the AICPA and later the FASB, accepting that the private part had the best possible information, assets, and abilities. The SEC works intimately with different private associations setting GAAP, yet doesn't set GAAP itself. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) In 1939, encouraged by the SEC, the AICPA selected the Committee on Accounting Procedure (CAP). During the years 1939 to 1959 CAP gave 51 Accounting Research Bulletins that managed an assortment of opportune bookkeeping issues. Be that as it may, this issue by-issue approach neglected to build up the truly necessary organized collection of bookkeeping standards. In this way, in 1959, the AICPA made the Accounting Principles Board (APB), whose crucial was to build up a general theoretical structure. It gave 31 assessments and was broken down in 1973 for absence of efficiency and inability to act speedily. After the production of the FASB, the AICPA set up the Accounting Standards Executive Committee (AcSEC). It distributes: Audit and Accounting Guidelines, which sums up the bookkeeping practices of explicit ventures (e. g. gambling clubs, universities, carriers, and so on ) and gives explicit direction on issues not tended to by FASB or GASB. Explanations of Position, which gives direction on money related detailing points until the FASB or GASB sets guidelines on the issue. Practice Bulletins, which show the AcSEC’s sees on thin budgetary revealing issues not considered by the FASB or the GASB. Monetary Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Understanding the need to change the APB, pioneers in the bookkeeping calling selected a Study Group on the Establishment of Accounting Principles (ordinarily known as the Wheat Committee for its seat Francis Wheat). This gathering established that the APB must be broken up and another standard-setting structure be made. This structure is made out of three associations: the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF, it chooses individuals from the FASB, reserves and supervises their exercises), the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council (FASAC), and the major working association in this structure the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). FASB has 4 significant kinds of distributions: Statements of Financial Accounting Standards †the most legitimate GAAP setting distributions. More than 150 have been given to date. Proclamations of Financial Accounting Concepts †first gave in 1978. They are a piece of the FASB’s calculated structure venture and put forward crucial targets and ideas that the FASB use in creating future principles. Be that as it may, they are not a piece of GAAP. There have been 7 ideas distributed to date. Understandings †adjust or expand existing principles. There have been around 50 understandings distributed to date. Specialized Bulletins †rules on applying measures, translations, and sentiments. Normally tackles some quite certain bookkeeping issue that won't have a critical, enduring impact. In 1984 the FASB made the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) which manages new and irregular money related exchanges that can possibly get normal (e. g. representing Internet based organizations). It acts progressively like an issue channel for the FASB †the EITF manages present moment, rapidly resolvable issues, leaving long haul, increasingly inescapable issues for the FASB. Administrative Accounting Standards Board (GASB) The most effective method to refer to The Development of GAAP in the United States, Essay models

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How To Turn Your Student Pad Into A Nuclear Fallout Shelter

How To Turn Your Student Pad Into A Nuclear Fallout Shelter How To Turn Your Student Pad Into A Nuclear Fallout Shelter Are we on the brink of a nuclear apocalypse? At the moment, it seems the answer to that question boils down to whether Kim Jong Un decides to take President Trump’s belligerent words at face value…hardly the most comforting thought. If you haven’t been able to sleep well at night (despite US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s reassurance), it might be time to start thinking about how you can prepare your student flat for nuclear armageddon. If you draw up your doomsday shopping list and start making your room as radiation-proof as possible, you might be one of the lucky few who survives and gets to build Earth anew. You’ll just have to deal with a lot of weird looks from friends until anything happens. What to do right now You’re not going to survive long in the apocalypse if you haven’t got the right stuff stored up. Head to the shops and add these things to your list: Moet is a always a safe choice. Hand-cranked radio and walkie-talkies for updates and human contact Large bucket or container, if you ever need to go to the bathroom Torch lamp and candle for when the electricity gets cut off Several gallons of bottled water Canned goods, snacks and champagne truffles Pair of pliers, if you ever need to perform surgery on yourself or amputate a limb Loo roll or kitchen roll Record player, books and Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits (if hard to source, settle for the morale-boosting 7” single of I Will Survive Bottle of champagne to drink to the end of the world/ for morale Cyanide pills if you ever want to top yourself painlessly If you’re stuck above ground during a nuclear attack and don’t happen to have a basement in your home or a spare$230,800 in your bank account to buy this guy’s bomb bunker, you’re better off staying indoors away from windows and flammable material. Remember: homes built from brick and mortar afford the most coverage from radiation, which can cause cancer, DNA mutation, melting skin and, of course, death. Try not to die from radiation burns and/or poisoning. To make your bedroom as nuclear-proof as possible, start by insulating your windows and doors with aluminum foil. Bricks and mattresses can also provide added protection against heat and radiation. Next, find a desk or a table and build a shield around it with several inches of books, furniture and blankets on all sides to stop radiation from infiltrating. You might want to leave a few ventilation holes as it would be pretty rubbish to die of asphyxiation during a nuclear fallout just because you fucked up the makeshift shelter. Have a little chinwag with bae on long range walkie-talkies What to do on the day The best warning sign of an attack is not the blast itself, but the bright light caused by the detonation. Under no circumstances, look directly at it. The fireball can cause blindness, which wouldn’t be very helpful at all when you’re trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. If you’re within the blast radius, you’ll probably die within thirty seconds just from the impact of the heat and shockwaves, which doesn’t sound too bad when you think about it. If you’re fortunate/unlucky enough to be outside it, gather up your doomsday supplies and lock yourself inside your little fort. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to wait at least eight days before venturing out. That’s because of the toxic by-products of a nuclear bomb, but do listen for updates on firestorms, radiation levels and any revenge detonations on a little hand-cranked radio. Remember, if another bomb is detonated, you’ll have to stay indoors for another eight days. “Draw me like one of your French girls before the bomb kills us all”. What to do after the attack If you’ve survived the nuclear attack, take precautions when you do eventually emerge from your home. Wear goggles, gloves, and as many clothes as possible. Think Joey in Friends saying “Look at me; I’m Chandler. Could I be wearing any more clothes?”  This is to protect you from beta burns. Also, channel your inner hygiene freak and decontaminate yourself and your clothes from radiation with water all the time. Remember the outside world might look a little different after the bomb(s). Schools, hospitals and other public services will be shut down or stretched beyond capacity. You may have to scavenge your own food and tend to your wounds.   To treat burns with blisters or charred skin, wash gently with cold water and cover with a compress. If you just have minor sunburn, apply some Vaseline on the affected area. For more severe buns, wash gently with cold water and cover with cling film. Remember, never pop blisters or try to remove clothing that’s sealed to your skin. Hopefully, none of this is actually ever going to be necessary, never know. Either way, good luck!

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Liquidity - Dictionary Definition of Liquidity

Liquidity refers to how quickly and cheaply an asset can be converted into cash. Money (in the form of cash) is the most liquid asset. Assets that generally can only be sold after a long exhaustive search for a buyer are known as illiquid. Terms related to Liquidity: Liquidity TrapLiquidity ConstraintThe Keynes Effect Resources on Liquidity: What Happens if Interest Rates Go To Zero?What is Money? Writing a Term Paper or High School / College Essay? Here are a few starting points for research on Liquidity: Books on Liquidity Financial crises, liquidity, and the international monetary system - Jean Tirole, Princeton, and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2002.Cash flow forecasting and liquidity - Brian Coyle, Chicago, Ill. : New York: Glenlake Pub. Co., 2000.Managing corporate liquidity - Chicago: New York: Glenlake Pub., 1999 (2nd edition). Journal Articles on Liquidity Order Imbalance, Liquidity, and Market Returns - Tarun Chordia, Journal of Financial Economics v65, n1 (July 2002): 111-30.Domestic and International Supply of Liquidity - Bengt Holstrom, American Economic Review v92, n2 (May 2002): 42-45.Bank Bailouts and Aggregate Liquidity - Douglas W. Diamond, American Economic Review v92, n2 (May 2002): 38-41.A Dual Liquidity Model for Emerging Markets - Ricardo J. Caballero, American Economic Review v92, n2 (May 2002): 33-37.Liquidity Risk and Specialness - Andrea Buraschi, Journal of Financial Economics v64, n2 (May 2002): 243-84.

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Fighting the Fire Women in the Victorian Era - 922 Words

One may come too close to the fire and let her demons consume her, leaving all but the ashes and dust. Others can overcome these obstacles and can wash away the burning flames of sadness. Antoinette is unable to control this fire, while Jane is able to wash away these restraints. According to Spivak, the concepts of â€Å"Self and Other† refers to how people are defined by who they are in relation to others; the â€Å"other† allows the Self to exist as empowered (Spivak cited in Rodenburg). In this essay, I will discuss how Antoinette, from Wide Sargasso Sea, and Jane, from Jane Eyre, both face similar challenges throughout their lives, but deal with their pains in different manners. I will argue that both Jane and Antoinette experience social†¦show more content†¦She waits until Rochester is able to see her true beauty before she accepts his proposal. She does not allow men to take her for granted, signifying her strength and independence as a woman. Just like Jane, Antoinette becomes seduced by Rochester and she is controlled by his social powers. He deliberately makes her depend on him financially. Rochester can be seen as an oppressor in this relationship, and this marriage shows the dominance that the men have over the women during the Victorian times. Antoinette has to deal with a world of fear and hatred. As a reader, it is hard not to feel sympathy for her because she was never truly loved and she was often left rejected. Antoinette feels as if there is nothing she can do about this unfavourable situation because of the lack of power women have during this time in history. She has to live with the changes made by others, and this ultimately leads to her downfall. When Rochester and Antoinette arrive back to Rochester’s home, he locks her in the attic and has Grace Poole, guard her. There is no mirror in the attic, and without her reflection, she begins to lose her identity. Rochester changes her name to â€Å"Berth a Mason† to complete Antoinette’s transformation into a madwoman. This novel ends tragically as Antoinette decides to take her own life, saying: â€Å"I was outside holding my candle. Now at last I know why I was brought here and what I have to do. There must have been a draught for the flame flickeredShow MoreRelatedThe Exposure of Feminist Critique in 19th Century Literature: a Look at Charlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s Jane Eyre1749 Words   |  7 PagesResistance is the action of fighting back against an unwanted force that may be deemed oppressive in ones life. It is created for different causes and comes in many forms; it may be made verbal, explicit, implicit, physical, and even made humorous or satirical. Charlotte Brontà «, a 19th century Victorian feminist wrote her novel Jane Eyre as a means of exposing the confining environments, shameful lack of education, and pitiful dependence upon male relatives for survival (Brackett, 2000). CharlotteRead MoreJane Eyre, By Charlotte Bronte1143 Words   |  5 PagesDerek Chao Ms.Roberts AP Literature November 18 2015 Awesome Essay Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Brontà «, illustrates a British society that depicts an uneven distribution of wealth among people in the Victorian Era, creating this gap between the rich and poor. Social class in British society was made of the lower, middle, and upper class. Brontà « implemented characters like Mr.Brocklehurst and the Reeds to show that characters that were high in class and supported the social hierarchy were notRead MoreThe Awakening By Kate Chopin1360 Words   |  6 Pages In the Victoria Era, women were fighting to break free of a society that suppresses a free spirit. In Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening, Edna is the main protagonist of the story that has become awakened and now realizes the type of society that she lives in. Her husband, Leonce Pontellier, disagrees with her behavior; Robert Lebrun- Edna’s lover- has a complex relationship with her, and Victor Lebrun and his mother Madame Lebrun are Edna’s friends that are observant of her changes throughout theRead MoreIdentity as a Name in The Importance of Being Earnest626 Words   |  2 Pagesdetects that they are undoubtedly fighting over Ernest as well as superiority, but their true feelings are ironically hidden (rather poorly) under fake earnestness. Garland states that, â€Å"both women attempt to define the existence of their opponent through rapidly shifting expression of Identity† (272), and cause a quiet fire in the atmosphere of the scene. Since their fight is so indirect and blatantly petty, Wilde is able to comically criticize females of victorian society that are represented byRead MoreAnalysis Of Emily Bronte s Wuthering Heights Essay2188 Words   |  9 PagesCatherine’s decision to marry Edgar, as opposed to Heathcliff, without first understanding the period in which Brontà « set her novel. The Victorian era, although positive in a scientific sense, was a brutal period for women, a â€Å"world of sadism, violence, and wanton cruelty† (Thompson 71). It perpetuated ideals such as specified gender roles, primogeniture, and the belief that women are property, without a societal voice. As a woman, Brontà « experienced this discrimination firsthand as she was forced to initiallyRead MoreH.G. Wells Time Machine and Its Relativity with the Victorian Era2096 Words   |  9 PagesH.G. Wells Time Machine and Its Relativity with the Victorian Era Herbert George Wells was an English writer from the nineteenth century. He was born on September the 21st 1866 in Bromley, Kent. He first wrote a book when he was eleven; although this was not published it was a great achievement. He won a scholarship to the school of science, but he failed due to his other interests such as history, journalism, sociology and writing. His dad was a pro cricketer and a Read MoreFeminism in Jane Eyre and the wide sargasso sea Essay1061 Words   |  5 Pagesis a world in which men are the sole decision makers and hold positions of power and the highest authority. Patriarchy occurs when men are dominant, not necessarily in numbers but in their status related to decision making and power. As a result, women are introduced to a world made by men, and a history refined by a mans actions. In jean Rhys Wide Sargasso Sea, the author focuses on the history of Bertha, one of the characters who are not given a voice in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre. AlthoughRead MoreThe Role of Women in the 1920s and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby1561 Words   |  7 PagesThe Roaring Twenties: a time when women broke out of their shells of modesty and were not afraid to bare a little skin or wear a bit of makeup; when women finally gained some control; when jazz music, drinking and partying were what society lived for; when flappers danced the night away. The 1920s was an era of great change in society’s attitude toward many different aspects of life. For instance, what was considered acceptable behavior for women and the way men treated their wives drasticallyRead MoreThe Effects Of Victorian Culture On The Arthurian Legends2061 Words   |  9 PagesThe Effect of Victorian Culture on the Arthurian Legends The Arthurian legends stand as a mutable model of the perfect court and ruler which has been transformed by authors over the centuries to fit new cultural ideals and Tennyson’s Idylls of the King is no exception to this pattern of transformation. With his retellings of the tales of King Arthur based on earlier models of the stories, most notably the works of Sir Thomas Malory, Tennyson represents some of the most common Victorian cultural viewsRead MoreFlorence Nightingale As A Nurse1552 Words   |  7 PagesAccording to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a nurse is defined as â€Å"a person who cares for the sick or infirm.† Florence Nightingale was a nurse. During the 1800’s, the Victorian Era, nurses were given a second definition beside the one listed before. Nurses were considered menial laborers, until Miss Florence took control. Although recently her position has been considered outdated, losing it’s preciousness, Florence Nightingale and the influenc e she had on so many lives is not to go without notice

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The Cradle I Am Naafash, Son Of Urmine And Lemefess

ORIGINS 1.0 I am Naafash, son of Urmine and Lemefess. Wanderers of the cradle, that have seen the Kingdom of Assur, will talk of its beauty, its glory and of its awe. I am witness to this great empire, and these are my chronicles. ORIGINS 1.1 I was raised on the outskirts of Assur, the youngest of three, I was always the trouble-maker in the family. By the time I was five, I was able to pick and grow corn. My family had been corn farmers, for as long as our ancestors account, and while we were not as respected as the families of military leaders, we played an important role in society. Our vast corn fields helped feed the increasing population of the city of Assur. We were a religious family, and like farming I was also taught of†¦show more content†¦ORIGINS 1.2 The summers in Assur were incredibly hot and dry, and I had spent the day working ambitiously with my father and brother irrigating the crop so it would not die. The sun had set for some time now, so we decided to call it a day and go inside for dinner. While we were working on the farm my mother and sister had been cooking in the kitchen in order to feed a household of five. My father had sat down at the head of the table and called for my sister to bring him his liquor, My father was a mean drunk, laughing at himself, demanding from my mother and my sister, insulting my brother and I, while we sat in silence. Most nights this would carry on until he had drank himself to sleep, but that night he order my mother to bring himself a fifth cup of liquor. When she told him the bottle was empty, he grabbed her viciously by the hair. â€Å"Well why don’t you go buy some more?† my father said, throwing her a coin. He then struck my mother across the face twice, and on the sec ond time she fell to the floor. My sister rushed to help her up, â€Å"sit down!† he commanded. My brother and I were furious, but what could we do? It was the law, he was allowed to hit my mother as he so pleased. So I offered to go into the city to get him his liquor, and my brother agreed to watch over my mother and sister in the meantime. ORIGINS 1.3 The first time I had walked into the city of Assur, I was accompanied by my father, at

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Heroes in Poetry the Hero Siegfred Sassoon Essay Example For Students

Heroes in Poetry the Hero Siegfred Sassoon Essay For many, war was advertised through posters as being a once in a lifetime opportunity and adventure for men to fight for their country. In reality, the destruction and horror that consumed all enlisted men when out at battle was not known to many around the world. The title The Hero is ironically termed. Upon reading the first line of the poem it is assumed that Swanson would be writing about a war hero someone who may have sacrificed his life for others or who may have simply served honorably and strong willingly fought for his country. In the first Tanta the mother is introduced by saying Jack fell as hed have wished. This creates the Impression that Jack died an honorable soldiers death, falling In action. However, through further reading we see that there Is a harsh contrast between his death and the foreshadowed yet completely false hero he was depicted to be through the title. Hed told the poor old dear some gallant lies this affirms to us as readers that Jacks death was not as glorious and memorable as portrayed earlier on through the Colonels letter. Swanson then continues on to reveal to us that Jack was a cold-footed, useless swine and that he had panicked down the trench that night the merely a boy, another useless soldier at war who never quite understood the concept of how to fight a proper battle. Swanson reveals to us the realities and illusions that were faced during the period of war. Whilst many lies were told to protect loved ones of discovering the harsh truth, the realities of the nightmarish war were soon portrayed through poems such as The Hero. The poem The Hero allows readers to be challenged on a commonly held view that all men at war act courageously and with velour as the poem begs to differ. We as readers are forced to reassess our view that all men at war act with honor and pride for their country. For many it is a misconception and once the truth is known about the cruelty of war people still lie to themselves in order to feel satisfied about our men being at war living and fighting in horrific conditions. Many other poems express the idea that going to war was a glorious service for your country. Swanson however enforces us to rethink our common view when it says hed tried to get sent home in reference to Jack the soldier. The writer displays to us that war was a time of readership and for many nightmarish, distressing and a longing for home was profound for the soldiers at war. Swanson conveys to readers the proud attitudes relatives would have held for loved ones enlisted in the War at the time. When a soldier dies or more commonly known in war Jargon as AKA killed in action the family gets informed about his death and his glorious service and sacrifice for his homeland. In the poem Jacks mother receives a note containing similar information regarding his exemplary courage. These notes that would have been delivered to hundreds of thousands of relatives express how their sons/brothers/fathers laid down their lives for a noble cause. Swanson is able to convey to his readers the attitudes loved ones would have held, emphasized through Jacks mother saying that We mothers are so proud of our dead soldiers. This was an attitude endorsed by the war with continued distribution of notes and letters similar to this. The writer portrays how it was much more dignified telling gallant lies to mothers rather than them hearing the bitter truth and therefore relatives gained the attitude of feeling pride and honor for their beloved boy.